Voice Teacher & Opera Stage director reacts to and analyzes Hozier Movement New York GMA concert


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  • Dr. Marc Reynolds
    Dr. Marc Reynolds   4 weeks back

    Hi friends! I need your help. I am trying to come up with a better solution for how to format my videos. Every format has its pros and cons as well as people who love it and hate it. Why am I testing it on the two videos of Hozier I did today? Because they got blocked. I spend a lot of time figuring out how to not get blocked or claimed. My understanding is that the commentary and reaction is legal under fair use. Unfortunately, The algorithms don't look at that and the procedure for disputing is not particularly reliable and poses some risks to my channel. SO! Here is your chance to help me come up with the best format. Here are links to videos that have different formats that I have used so far:

    Live review of original video without anything breaking it up the video: https://youtu.be/tPLwpCGZw2g
    Live review of original video with fun facts breaking it up : https://youtu.be/rKO6qeTuCvY
    Live review of original video with me commenting in between clips : https://youtu.be/iS3PoJpPzps
    Live review of original video but with fast forwarding to bigger reaction moments (This video) : https://youtu.be/LFIAKScfVBc
    No live review of original video but just my reaction and commentary after having just watching the video : https://youtu.be/kA9to-EA454

    Tell me what you think or if you have a different idea you would like to see even better. Each type of video has pros and cons with editing, copyright claims, creation, and otherwise. What I care about most is getting a format that is the best solution to the practical issues involved with making youtube videos so I can get you videos that you love to watch. Tell me what you love to watch most!

    • Dr. Marc Reynolds
      Dr. Marc Reynolds   3 weeks back

      Gargoyleswife yep this was a failed experiment. Thanks for watching the others and for the feedback!

    • Gargoyleswife
      Gargoyleswife  3 weeks back

      Sorry doc, this one I didn't like at all. I always like your commentary but not seeing the video at all doesn't work for me. I'd rather you break up the original either with facts or with commentary. Thanks.

    • Amanda
      Amanda  3 weeks back

      I always prefer when the video is broken up with commentary, especially from an expert such as yourself. It gives an example to the lessons you’re trying to teach, instead of a long lesson. Just nodding next to a video is copyright infringement, but breaking it up with original commentary is fair use, though YouTube’s being rather rough about that recently. If you really want to avoid the claim, you can distort the video in some way, but that’s difficult and can chase away some viewers.
      Either way, best of luck!

  • lolrachie1
    lolrachie1  2 weeks back

    Real time reacts please