Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019


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  • Fortnite 2
    Fortnite 2  7 hours back

    Just make it affordable

    • Nikhil Sharma
      Nikhil Sharma  1 days back

      Tekken 7 still going to take loading time

      • Darko
        Darko  2 days back

        Since i had the worst experience using a xbox one x. Faulty fan , dried up thermal paste and throttling. I shortly after got a ps4 pro. Even when the ps4 pro's fan makes allot of noise it works as intended! I was a PC gamer but giving me two faulty xbox one x's made me switch real fast lol

        Sorry microsoft ps5 for me!

        • Vali Virlan
          Vali Virlan  2 days back

          Bruh that mans beatd tho

          • captain kirk
            captain kirk  3 days back

            Holiday 2020 im broke

            • Ayy Eclipse
              Ayy Eclipse  3 days back

              It wont even run 120fps at 1080p. Only 720. There is no point in having those capabilities when nobody is going to use them. Both next gen consoles will run at 60 fps/4k.

              • Konaa
                Konaa  3 days back

                Nobody has an 8k tv

                • Konaa
                  Konaa  2 days back

                  Real Gamer true, but they will probably just have a new better Xbox that can do even better

                • Real Gamer
                  Real Gamer  3 days back

                  they know but in 7 years that could change very quickly

              • CrzyMn7
                CrzyMn7  4 days back

                I named my daughter Scarlett almost 4 years ago. Pretty cool.

                • AesirProductions Odin
                  AesirProductions Odin  4 days back

                  Wait they still don't have a dedicated gpu...

                  • AesirProductions Odin
                    AesirProductions Odin  4 days back

                    Did this dude just say the combination of SSD and solid state drives XD

                  • Drew Cornwall
                    Drew Cornwall  4 days back

                    2:55 How does one combine an SSD and a Solid State Drive??

                  • Lyndon McArthur
                    Lyndon McArthur  4 days back

                    Elders scrolls without loading screens hahaha

                    • Delvet Aaron
                      Delvet Aaron  4 days back

                      When ur from ps4 but u like more xbox
                      And yeah i'm from ps4 but i want to be on xbox

                      • ChromaBonk
                        ChromaBonk  5 days back

                        the console players are just now getting access to 120fps and no load times lmao

                        • Childish Gambino
                          Childish Gambino  2 days back

                          *LAUGHS IN SAMSUNG GUCCI SMART CLOSET*

                        • ChromaBonk
                          ChromaBonk  3 days back

                          @Real Gamer pc has waaay more sales and discounts than console, also you dont need to buy an entirely new system every several years, and all the games you buy will be playable forever, and dont become irrelevant after the next console release

                        • Real Gamer
                          Real Gamer  3 days back

                          @ChromaBonk who pays full price

                          its called sales, consoles have them too

                        • ChromaBonk
                          ChromaBonk  3 days back

                          @Real Gamer imagine having to pay full price for every game AND having to pay for online access

                        • Real Gamer
                          Real Gamer  3 days back

                          try doing that in a $400 pc see how far you get

                      • Ahmad Ammar Faizulnudin

                        No more loading screens

                        God of War already did that

                        • peluchas2000
                          peluchas2000  5 days back

                          mmmmhhh and the console?

                          • Matt Thornton
                            Matt Thornton  5 days back

                            My biggest fear with the Xbox One Scarlett is this:

                            Microsoft: "We are proud to announce Xbox Scarlett!"
                            Me: "Cool! So what Exclusive games do you have in the works?"
                            Mirosoft: "Well we have a huge line up of sequels to Halo, Gears of War and Forza!"
                            Me: "Okay, but what about new IP's?"
                            Microsoft: "New what?"
                            Me: "Bloody hell! It's the Xbox One ALL OVER AGAIN!"

                            • Real Gamer
                              Real Gamer  3 days back

                              they have like 20 studios now, other games will happen

                          • Spaced Invader
                            Spaced Invader  5 days back

                            Virtual RAM? You mean the Paging File that's been there since at least Windows 7?
                            SSDs? You mean the little drive that I upgraded my Xbox 360 with years ago?

                            Just a small thing, "it’s much faster to read from RAM than it is to read from a hard drive. (in this case an SSD)"
                            Assuming they use NVMe SSDs they'll still never match the bus speeds of DDR4 or DDR5, I don't see why they aren't just dumping memory into the system instead of advertising paging files.
                            (did marketing latch onto the SSD and decide that'll be the focus of the consoles campaign?)
                            8K seems to be the biggest difference and that'll be for most likely the minority of the console owners for most of its lifespan.

                            • Juior Luhina
                              Juior Luhina  5 days back


                              • Breno Pinho
                                Breno Pinho  5 days back

                                For real, though, Microsoft has really done something that no other gaming company could. I’ve never seen such generalized apathy about a new gaming console since those plug and play things that you got from McDonald’s back in 2006.

                                • Breno Pinho
                                  Breno Pinho  5 days back

                                  Microsoft: G A M I N G
                                  Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

                                  • 13Xerro
                                    13Xerro  5 days back

                                    No more loading screens? I'll believe it when I no longer see it.

                                    • webduelist
                                      webduelist  6 days back

                                      "we actually use the SSD as virtual ram" ...... Please No......... RROD all over again.

                                      • Lord Tachanka
                                        Lord Tachanka  6 days back


                                        • Nemesis
                                          Nemesis  6 days back

                                          Frame rates we have never seen before...
                                          Sorry 60fpsers you can't see the game

                                          • GUNSLINGER
                                            GUNSLINGER  6 days back

                                            Meanwhile there's pcs hitting 500 fps

                                        • Shye Skirata
                                          Shye Skirata  6 days back

                                          Oh wow a high of 120 fps? Still gonna kill the plebs then huh...

                                          • Nopasito Desburrito
                                            Nopasito Desburrito  6 days back

                                            Can't wait to play Minecraft on next Gen!

                                            • kill3rbyysight
                                              kill3rbyysight  7 days back


                                              • sam dubois
                                                sam dubois  7 days back

                                                we will lunch project scarlett with halo ! i haved the best erection i ever had before

                                                • FrostyFeet
                                                  FrostyFeet  7 days back

                                                  Xbox: “scarlet will have hdmi 2.1 and will support 120 FPS at 8k”

                                                  Console scrub’s misinterpretations: “games will now run at 8k 120 FPS on Xbox”

                                                  • Jimmy Scotts
                                                    Jimmy Scotts  1 weeks back

                                                    Why..... The human eye cant even see faster than 90 F.P.S.

                                                    • Kur0Gaming
                                                      Kur0Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                      Your killing me Xbox.

                                                      • Alfonso Gutierrez
                                                        Alfonso Gutierrez  1 weeks back

                                                        Xbox project Scarlett at 4K - 8K and 60fps up to 120fps, actual Ray Tray racing and all generation of Xbox games in one console

                                                        • George Allen
                                                          George Allen  1 weeks back

                                                          It’s funny because people aren’t going to have monitors or TVs that run 120hz refresh rate lel

                                                          • TheReaperAnubis
                                                            TheReaperAnubis  1 weeks back

                                                            I came for the PC gaming xbox haters!

                                                            • HeavenCrystal
                                                              HeavenCrystal  1 weeks back

                                                              It can play 4k 120 FPS!

                                                              ...In minecraft

                                                              • More Cloud tech USA
                                                                More Cloud tech USA  1 weeks back

                                                                Xbox > PlayStation

                                                                • Sixpixel boi
                                                                  Sixpixel boi  1 weeks back

                                                                  How much is it

                                                                  • Tangerines gaming center

                                                                    Im happy?

                                                                    • Sog Vking982
                                                                      Sog Vking982  1 weeks back

                                                                      God I'm old I'm from the
                                                                      360s days

                                                                      • Dannydatgamer 1
                                                                        Dannydatgamer 1  1 weeks back

                                                                        Wait. So we can't watch movies in project scarlet

                                                                      • Some guy on The internet

                                                                        Wait, a console is supposed to be for gaming? I’ve been using it as a toaster this whole time

                                                                        • Nemesis
                                                                          Nemesis  6 days back

                                                                          Dang i used mine has a skillet

                                                                      • Jon Athens
                                                                        Jon Athens  1 weeks back

                                                                        After release, I hope Microsoft does not take away its “advertised” features that failed but never got resolved or compensated.
                                                                        Also, I really do hope the “trim clip” option works and doesn’t just freeze mid-download. I don’t understand why Microsoft never acknowledged or gave an update on the “trim clip” bug. FYI, it’s been like that for over two years. Probably better to go PS5?

                                                                        • De Nederlandse Crypto Groep

                                                                          Bla bla bla. Have been a gamer since ‘82 . Seen this kind of bs ooover and ooooooover again. Payed Clappers .... had the Xbox, 360 and one all twice since I just whited the lazers from playing....I am doen with the :” We do it for the players” just because there is 1 Guy with a grey unsanitairy beard in your vid, does not make it a team gamers relate to

                                                                          • Kaer Laeda
                                                                            Kaer Laeda  1 weeks back

                                                                            Who ære those random people? I can memorize a line from rocket science too!
                                                                            Show actual gameplay and non existant loading screens, on existing games, on your non existant yet console


                                                                            • BlackViking
                                                                              BlackViking  1 weeks back

                                                                              Microsoft: "no more loading screens"

                                                                              Anthem: hold my 2 skins

                                                                              • Default_Danny831
                                                                                Default_Danny831  1 weeks back

                                                                                *matt booty*

                                                                                • nieshawn charles
                                                                                  nieshawn charles  1 weeks back

                                                                                  MAYBE THEY SHOULD GET THE "SAME TEAM" OH YEA THEY DID