7-year-old shares her thoughts about having Down syndrome l GMA Digital


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  • Life of Amy Turner Syndrome

    what a doll xoxoxoxo

    • Mrs. Cinnamon Buns
      Mrs. Cinnamon Buns  1 months back

      Beautiful angel! 🥰🥰🥰😘

      • William Brammer
        William Brammer  1 months back

        You forgot to say beautiful

        • Cilok 8108
          Cilok 8108  1 months back

          🙈 Everything Back To Square One,,,Down To Earth~😂😂😂🌎🐒💕😘✌...

          • KLM Hooked Moore
            KLM Hooked Moore  1 months back

            She's adorable.

            • Gail Gregory
              Gail Gregory  1 months back

              She is beautiful she is powerful god bless her.

              • Umeko Candy Kohn
                Umeko Candy Kohn  1 months back

                So Beautiful 😍 And Very intellectual with Her Speaking. I know people have differences I Think it makes us All Unique and Awesome. This Young Lady proved my theory.

                • Zhero Zhero
                  Zhero Zhero  1 months back

                  You shouldn’t be “glad” someone has Down syndrome wtf!

                  • Annabella Nguyen
                    Annabella Nguyen  1 months back

                    Bruh she’s so pretty 😍😍😍😍

                    • Daisy Banda
                      Daisy Banda  1 months back

                      She’s too freaking adorable! Blessings 😘

                      • K-POP Lovers
                        K-POP Lovers  1 months back


                        • suzanne schulz
                          suzanne schulz  1 months back

                          To me she's Beautiful

                          • Hank Terreros
                            Hank Terreros  1 months back

                            "LIVE LONG, AND PROSPER"

                          • sonia polycarpe
                            sonia polycarpe  1 months back

                            This is so beautiful. She's blessing. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless her n her family. The 🙏