I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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  • brazil
    brazil  5 days back

    haha grape

  • Fishapples _
    Fishapples _  2 minutes back

    For some reason I though you where blond for the longest time until now.

    • S L
      S L  4 minutes back

      Crowd: Awwww...
      Adam: EHP. *points at crowd*

      • S L
        S L  5 minutes back

        *c h o c o l a t e m i l k*

        • Dana Ondráčková
          Dana Ondráčková  6 minutes back

          is this video really that quiet?

          • Taylor Dyke
            Taylor Dyke  7 minutes back

            Did he just say like that smash button?

            • Gianna Elizabeth
              Gianna Elizabeth  8 minutes back

              You’d be awesome at voicing sans from undertale!

              • Emma prretzel animations
                Emma prretzel animations  9 minutes back

                My brother is getti n't teeth pulled soon

                • Laura Kalife
                  Laura Kalife  10 minutes back

                  who? me
                  where? my bed
                  when? now
                  hotel? trivago
                  Adam? Grape

                  • Laura Kalife
                    Laura Kalife  11 minutes back

                    He’s a grape

                    • Retro Koopatroopa
                      Retro Koopatroopa  11 minutes back

                      I know it's nothing compared to this but, i had long, and I mean long needles pushed into the back of my hand

                      • Emma prretzel animations
                        Emma prretzel animations  12 minutes back

                        That's were videos were

                        • Martha Osorio
                          Martha Osorio  13 minutes back

                          The do foot doctors how to close my mouth to

                          • SAVA •
                            SAVA •  15 minutes back

                            I felt the same thing just without eating and drinking for only 2 days
                            With a cold little amount of pasta that normally I would have slapped in the nurse's face

                            (Sorry 4 my bad English)

                            • Ebony Gilkey
                              Ebony Gilkey  15 minutes back

                              DR MARIO

                              • Dulce Portillo
                                Dulce Portillo  16 minutes back

                                Like that smash button...lmaoooo

                                • Jeremy :D
                                  Jeremy :D  16 minutes back

                                  1:28 >:(
                                  1:34 ...

                                  • Crystalline Chaos
                                    Crystalline Chaos  17 minutes back

                                    Oh jeez. I had a simmilar but jeez, 2 WHOLE MONTHS. The storytelling was beautiful, amazing

                                    • CrazyGoogleBro2
                                      CrazyGoogleBro2  18 minutes back

                                      1:27 you sound like my math teacher one year

                                      • Ebony Gilkey
                                        Ebony Gilkey  18 minutes back

                                        I got chocolate milk

                                        • Mora Nekofercito
                                          Mora Nekofercito  19 minutes back

                                          Me gustan tus videos aun que los tenga que ver en fandub español :3 (espero que me emtiendas. _. O me leas.... Que sad :'v)

                                          • Derpy_clouds
                                            Derpy_clouds  19 minutes back

                                            cHoCoLaTe MiLk! - adam

                                            • 3lments0fTh3D4rk. _Atxerz
                                              3lments0fTh3D4rk. _Atxerz  21 minutes back

                                              We’ll fight demonetization together, Adam.

                                              • Krissy Peteara
                                                Krissy Peteara  22 minutes back

                                                “They did surgery on a grape”
                                                “...They did surgery on Adam”
                                                *whispering* “Who is a grape”

                                                Also, can I just say how RELATABLE it is to just be like
                                                “I WANT CHOCOLATE MILK GOD DAMMIT”

                                                • Chloe
                                                  Chloe  23 minutes back

                                                  Did you know? They did surgery on a grape

                                                  • Kittylover Gaming
                                                    Kittylover Gaming  24 minutes back

                                                    Well when my dad was my age (10/) I’m turning 11 on June 20th so I’m basically 11 but he had his mouth wired shut for 6 months and had his parents need to help him with food and all because his mouth was wired shut for 6 months and when he was only 13 his mom died because of breast cancer and she gave up on treatments so she died and I never got to meet my other grandma and on my moms side my grandmas parents I never got to meet either because they died to early and I fight through cancer to since I was 5 I had stomach pain and I was diagnosed when I was 6

                                                    Edit:And that’s a true fact

                                                    • kayleekittycat1
                                                      kayleekittycat1  24 minutes back

                                                      i had jaw surgery and i didn't have to have my mouth wired shut and when i came home from jaw surgery i had to be on a liquid diet but that made me sick so i started eating mashedpatatos before the doctors said i could

                                                      • btsarmy barcelo
                                                        btsarmy barcelo  24 minutes back

                                                        Idk maybe suck some di- omg that killed me

                                                        • Jhalyl Parker
                                                          Jhalyl Parker  26 minutes back

                                                          Me and him have the same birthday June 17th

                                                          • Unborn Orgy
                                                            Unborn Orgy  29 minutes back

                                                            I have the same problem yet they won’t let me get it wired shut

                                                            • LOLIGIUSZ 1980
                                                              LOLIGIUSZ 1980  30 minutes back

                                                              1st time seeing your face

                                                              • KateyCat
                                                                KateyCat  31 minutes back

                                                                I have the same problem (only the small jaw side of it) and I will get this surgery in a couple a months. Yay thanks for scaring me about how terrible it will be. I’m ready...

                                                                • Magazine Kirby
                                                                  Magazine Kirby  32 minutes back

                                                                  This might be me...

                                                                  • Seabiscuit
                                                                    Seabiscuit  33 minutes back

                                                                    *I GOT TONSILS AND ADNOIDS TAKEN OUT, SO I SORTA GET YOUR PAIN*

                                                                    • Edgy Boy
                                                                      Edgy Boy  33 minutes back

                                                                      Happy early b-day tomorrow!

                                                                      • Rosie
                                                                        Rosie  35 minutes back

                                                                        Omg I have to get this surgery! 😭😭😭

                                                                        Except they said 6 weeks for me

                                                                        • Shane Palmer
                                                                          Shane Palmer  35 minutes back

                                                                          Adam: sees sooop
                                                                          Also Adam: FOOOOOOD

                                                                          • Aunie Pow
                                                                            Aunie Pow  35 minutes back

                                                                            Markiplier’s cousin?

                                                                            • sunny green
                                                                              sunny green  35 minutes back

                                                                              I’m more than welcome

                                                                              • tanku♡
                                                                                tanku♡  36 minutes back

                                                                                Great video, you're really funny XD Congrats on your healed jaw!!

                                                                                • Korben Miller
                                                                                  Korben Miller  36 minutes back


                                                                                  • elysian panda
                                                                                    elysian panda  37 minutes back

                                                                                    Be a mukbang channel!!!

                                                                                    • ThatAdrian
                                                                                      ThatAdrian  38 minutes back


                                                                                      • David E
                                                                                        David E  39 minutes back

                                                                                        Tomato soup= I will fuckin eat you

                                                                                        • Jathen618
                                                                                          Jathen618  41 minutes back

                                                                                          OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RE SO HOT AND SEXY OH MY GOD

                                                                                          • qeqwed gaming
                                                                                            qeqwed gaming  41 minutes back

                                                                                            don't forget to like that smash button 12:24

                                                                                            • Arturo Solis
                                                                                              Arturo Solis  41 minutes back

                                                                                              *You are Iron Man?*

                                                                                              • Undertale master Blaster
                                                                                                Undertale master Blaster  43 minutes back

                                                                                                Nothing crazy BUTT 🦍💨